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In November 2012 Irene Bowen presented a paper to the Conference on Legal Instruments for the Enforcement of Accessibility for Disabled Persons in Kassel, Germany, November 2012: The American Experience: What Makes the ADA Work, and What Are the Implications for Implementation of Germany’s Accessibility Laws? (to be published in 2013)

Article by Irene Bowen published in The ADA Compliance Guide and HR Compliance Expert:

DOJ: “Blazing New Trails under ADA” in July 2013 — about what DOJ’s Disability Rights Section may focus on under its new leadership.

Blazing New Trails under ADA (Word)

Blazing New Trails under ADA (PDF)

Larry J. Goldberg joins ADA One

Larry J. Goldberg, JD, CHC, joined ADA One, LLC, as a partner, in September 2013.

Mr. Goldberg was most recently the Principal Deputy Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). He now applies his experience, expertise, and collaborative approaches to advancing compliance with the ADA, returning to the area in which he began his legal career. Prior to joining HHS, he had served as Associate Legal Director of the National Center for Law and Deafness, had litigated cases on behalf of individuals with disabilities for the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, and had been an Assistant Attorney General for the Maryland State Department of Health.

New assessment services from ADA One

ADA One now offers expanded assessment services to assist both public and private entities with self-evaluations, transition plans, or gap analyses. We tailor each project to the client’s needs and use our electronic survey method and in-house data analysis.

Articles published in AHEAD’s ALERT (electronic newsletter)

Since January 2009, the “ALERT,” the newsletter of the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD), has published my series of articles “AHEAD of the ADA Access Curve,” intended to assist disability service providers, ADA Coordinators, and others in promoting compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, section 504, and the Fair Housing Act. The series approaches physical access and related issues as key to the civil rights of individuals with disabilities. It is intended to provide some helpful tools in a time of shifting requirements and shrinking resources.

The ALERT newsletter is available only to members of AHEAD, but my articles are reprinted here for you!

ADA’s 20th Anniversary

Irene Bowen with Sen. Tom Harkin (Iowa) at White House celebration of the ADA’s 20th anniversary, July 26, 2010