Irene Bowen is sought after by businesses, organizations, advocacy groups, colleges and universities, and others for speeches and training.

Her programs are engaging, insightful, and packed with up-to-date information.

Her trainings are known for their solid content and lively interaction.

How you benefit from training

ADA One’s training programs can help your organization

  • Prevent discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act and similar laws
  • Help your employees
    • understand how to better serve individuals with disabilities – and how that benefits your business or organization
    • avoid mistakes that could hurt your organization
    • know how to report problems to managers, in hopes of swift resolution
  • Prevent complaints or litigation
    • Avoid the inevitable expense
    • Avoid negative publicity
  • Gain a solid knowledge base for developing assessments, transition plans, self-evaluations, and barrier removal plans
    • Know how to spend your money in the right way; avoid costly mistakes just because you “didn’t know”
    • Learn to work effectively with outside contractors
  • Show a good faith effort at compliance
  • Position yourself for establishing a defense to claims that may arise

Why ADA One is the one for ADA training

What others have said about Ms. Bowen’s trainings and presentations:

“Without doubt, you gave one of the finest presentations I’ve been witness to in my many years of being present at similar conferences.” — John W. Patten, former Publisher, Business Week

From participants at conferences:

“I’ve been coming to [the association’s] conferences for 20 years, and this is one of the best training sessions I’ve ever attended. Thank you!”


“WOW… This was a great experience.”

“Excellent for both beginners and those more experienced who need updates.”

“Made technically difficult material clear to a non-legal audience.”

“One of the best sessions that I have heard. (I’ve been involved with [the national organization] for 15 years!)”

“Irene Bowen was exceptionally knowledgeable and provided very helpful and practical information.”

“Thank you for making legal issues so easy to understand.”

We can provide overviews or in-depth coverage of all ADA topics – bringing in subject matter experts, as needed, for detailed treatment of almost any issue. No one else has the

  • experience
  • depth and breadth of knowledge and
  • insight into what it all means and how the government approaches compliance.

We can also address section 504, the Fair Housing Amendments Act, the Architectural Barriers Act, and the federal accessibility standards.

Training topics

  • DOJ’s new ADA rules and the ADA Amendments Act
    • Overview
    • Title II
    • Title III
    • In-depth session, including ADA Standards
  • Review of hot topics/current developments
    • Case law developments in topics listed
    • Federal regulatory updates (rules, policies, technical assistance)
  • Intensive training in all aspects of title II, title III, and/or section 504
  • Other subjects, with presentations adapted to your interests and setting, including
    • Using DOJ’s ADA Tool Kit: an action guide for public entities
    • Project Civic Access: what you can learn, how to prepare for one or do your own
    • ADA and section 504 overview (with, as appropriate, Fair Housing Act, Architectural Barriers Act)
    • Overview of accessibility requirements
    • Emergency preparedness
    • Details of ADA accessibility requirements
    • Avoiding litigation, responding to complaints (2-4 hours)
    • Planning for accessibility, working with experts (3-4 hours)
    • Effective communication
    • Access to courts
    • Law enforcement and corrections
    • Historic preservation
    • Access to museums
    • Access to health care
    • Access to hotels
    • Physical access on campus

Formats and settings

We offer sessions from one hour to two weeks, in large or small groups, live or via audio conference.