Ms. Bowen’s advocacy in the disability area began in law school. She was one of three law students who petitioned the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the mid 1970’s to require that televised emergency warnings (which at the time were presented only orally) were accessible to people who were deaf or had hearing impairments – through a “crawl,” a visible interpreter, or a sign held up to the screen. The FCC responded in record time and passed a final regulation within six months.

The three law students then applied for — and received — a grant from the then-U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare to start the National Center for Law and Deafness (NCLD). She worked as a Student Director for NCLD until she became a public interest attorney. The NCLD provided legal, advocacy, and educational services for twenty years.

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Always professional but pleasantly persistent, Irene Bowen uses her insight, knowledge, and creativity to advance the interests of those she represents while resolving the concerns of others.

Ms. Bowen has a long history of effective advocacy. The hallmarks of her approach are

  • Researching thoroughly, so that she masters the facts and principles at issue
  • Presenting arguments or ideas in the most persuasive way
  • Understanding the dynamics of the interactions of groups and individuals
  • Listening to the concerns of all parties, and meeting those concerns
  • Adapting to changing circumstances
  • Exploring and suggesting innovative solutions to problems
  • Succeeding in achieving stated goals

Ms. Bowen developed and applied these skills

  • As an enforcement attorney and manager with the U.S. Access Board and the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division
  • As DOJ’s liaison with the Access Board and the President’s Committee on Mental Retardation
  • As a litigating and administrative law attorney with the Center for Auto Safety
  • As co-founder of the National Center for Law and Deafness

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