This section of the ADA One web site offers a collection of tip sheets, resource lists, and articles prepared by Irene Bowen.

The tip sheets and templates set out the basics of what can be difficult concepts, or offer best practices or practical suggestions for compliance.

The resource lists direct you to a variety of statutes, regulations, guidelines, technical assistance materials, cases, and settlement agreements — at links that are all available without cost or subscription — and other web links.

Also included is a glossary of communication terms and a quick-check tool developed for nonprofits but helpful to other covered entities.

New 2011: Renewing the Commitment: Excerpts

NOTE: All documents below are excerpted from The Chicago Community Trust’s Renewing the Commitment: An ADA Compliance Guide for Nonprofits, authored by Irene Bowen of ADA One, LLC, and released January 31, 2011. Permission is granted to distribute and copy them, with acknowledgment of the source.

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Quick-check tool: Use this five-page checklist to assess where you are and the areas where you need to improve compliance with the ADA. While intended for nonprofits, the checklist also works for businesses and state and local governments.

Resources: A comprehensive listing of up-to-date resources (including DOJ’s 2010 regulations) as of January 31, 2011, including organizations, topics (e.g., facilities, communication, emergency procedures, meetings and classes, the arts, health care, child care), and sources of services and products.

Tip sheets: Front-line staff can keep these handy for practical guidance on issues such as how to place or receive a telecommunications relay service call, how to work with an interpreter, how to make a document in large-font format, and how to make a meeting accessible.

  1. Interacting with People with Disabilities p 119
  2. Choosing and Using Interpreters p120-121
  3. Service Animals p 122
  4. Communicating with TTYs and Telecommunication Relay Services p 123-124
  5. Making Information Accessible to People Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision 125-126
  6. Planning for Accessible Meetings 127-128
  7. The Day of a Meeting: Arranging Accessible Space 129-130
  8. Conducting Meetings 131
  9. Maintaining Access 132
  10. Special Events 133

Templates: Customizable for your organization, these templates offer samples of accessible meeting notices, policy modifications and accommodations, communication assistance, and information about accessible features of your facilities.

  1. Sample Meeting Notices p 134-135
  2. How [Name] Provides Communication Assistance for People with Disabilities 136-137
  3. How [Name] Makes Policy Modifications and Accommodations for People with Disabilities 138
  4. Accessible Features of [Name] Building 139

ADA One Tip Sheets — Updated 2013


“DOJ: Blazing New Trails under ADA,” ADA Compliance Guide and HR Compliance Expert, July 2013 – Irene’s article about the first public presentation of Rebecca Bond, new Chief of DOJ’s Disability Rights Section, in April 2013 at the NAADAC conference [PDF, Microsoft Word]

The American Experience: What Makes the ADA Work, and What Are the Implications for Implementation of Germany’s Accessibility Laws? paper reflecting Irene’s presentation to the Conference on Legal Instruments for the Enforcement of Accessibility for Disabled Persons in Kassel, Germany, November 2012 (to be published in 2013) The paper addresses (among other things) the history, strengths, and weaknesses of the ADA and its accessibility and enforcement provisions.

Sample self-evaluation report: Fulton County, Georgia, August 2012

The County of Fulton, Georgia, which surrounds Atlanta, has published ADA One’s report under Phase One of the County’s Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan. See the full report, Fulton County: Full Access Ahead

Building Georgia’s Future,” 2011 update of Georgia facilities manual by ADA One and LCM Architects, November 2011

KEYNOTE SPEECH: “ADA: Past, Present, Future on the 20th anniversary of the ADA at AHEAD, July 2010 (text and photos, PDF, 1.36 MB).

Webinar series on DOJ’s 2010 regulations: ADA, the Next Generation, presented fall 2010, including power point, audio recordings, and handouts for each of seven sessions – CD available from the National Association of ADA Coordinators

Available from the Association on Higher Education and Disability:

Ahead of the ADA Access Curve